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14 Years of medical experience

About Us


Under the leadership of Dr. Enas Mounir and with highly skilled, expert medical cadres, the center was able to move towards achieving leadership in psychological rehabilitation. Since 2010 until today, the center has been able to provide a supportive and healthy environment for those who suffer from addiction and abuse and wish to get rid of it. Takween Center has contributed to the rehabilitation of many From psychological solutions and addiction treatment.

The Takween Center began in cooperation with international institutions at home and abroad to transfer and develop a sophisticated and successful treatment program that is commensurate with the Arab and oriental nature. Indeed, the center was established to help and treat sick addicts, and we look forward to establishing other branches in Egypt and the Arab region.

Dr. Inas Mounir
Chairman of Board of Directors
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Our achievements during 14 Year


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What we offer in the center

Through diagnosis in the center, we offer our patients modern and innovative medical solutions, taking into account recovery within a short period, so that the patient can benefit from our services in full with high efficiency

  • Modern diagnosis to obtain results Best
  • Continuous follow-up of the patient and his condition
  • Continuous health consultations

psychological rehabilitation

Psychological rehabilitation for the addict is the password in drug addiction tr


addiction cure

Addiction is a condition that enslaves a person and makes him a servile slave, s


Continuous follow up

Continuous follow-up of the recovering from addiction is an important stage in t


Permanent psychological support

Continuous psychological support for the patient after he stops drug addiction i

Why choose Takween Center?

Some of what distinguishes us in psychological rehabilitation

  • Qualified staff The most skilled workers and long-standing experiences work in the center constantly
  • Professional Consultant A team of consultants specializing in psychological rehabilitation
  • High-efficiency drugs Providing internationally recommended healing aids
  • Women's section There is a specialized clinic for women and girls with a team working around the clock

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Special programs for effective treatment and in complete secrecy

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